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Mephisto Master h3 Bh5 bug

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 09, 2018 8:26 pm    Post subject: Mephisto Master h3 Bh5 bug Reply with quote

Excuse me if this has been documented previously. Just went through an old Tournament I ran (well before I joined the Forum) and found documentation of a Mephisto Master bug. I call it the “h3 Bh5 BUG”. It comes from the B15 Caro-Kann, Gurgenidze System:

1. e4 c6 2. d4 d5 3. Nc3 g6 4. exd5 cxd5 5. Bb5+ Nc6 6. Nf3 Bg7 7. O-O Bg4 8.
h3 Bh5??

MMC did it, not once, BUT TWICE! Lost the first time and DREW the second (AGAINST COUGAR!!!). Here are the lowlights of the Cougar draw:

Game 74 AGAIN! Mephisto Master Chess suffers the “h3 Bh5 BUG”. Cougar the Confused is up a Bishop at move 9, but EVEN WORSE than Centurion of Game 72, Cougar CAN’T WIN!!!!!!!!! The Moron DRAWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From Game 72 Notes:
“B15 Caro-Kann, Gurgenidze System in book through White move 8 and a big red flag for Mephisto Master: MMC has a MAJOR BUG with pawn on g6 and Bishop on g4. MMC will “calculate Bh5 in response to h3. In this game 8. h3 Bh5??????????????? GAME OVER. In one of the most pathetic examples of chess idiocy, Mephisto Centurion took 104 moves to mate.”

However, in this game, Cougar couldn’t even win WITH A BISHOP UP!!! Cougar draws! It looked like the “stronger” Cougar might have a better clue of how to use the Bishop advantage with the variation at 14. Qe2 (Centurion calculated Bxc6+). It turns out the Centurion move was the SF move and better: +5.2 vs. +3.8 eval lead. This was the first sign that Cougar sucked worse than the supposedly weaker Centurion. 35 moves later, after virtual every move being weaker than the SF recommendation, Cougar the Confused “calculates” 49. Qe1?? and the eval is now +0.8! Cougar has been absolutely horrible: Starting from a Bishop up!!! Master Chess feels sorry and throws poor Cougar a bone: 49. .. Rxg4??? Game Over. By move 59, Cougar has a +7.3 eval lead. And then, two shocking turds: 59. Bxb4?? (Kg1) and 61. Bc5?????????????????? DRAWN!!!!!!!!!!! (the no brainer 61. Ra6+ keeps a +6.1 lead and the win). At move 61, Cougar has a 2R+B+3P vs. R+N+3P material advantage; by move 76, White has 3P and Black has a Knight. I let the two xxxxxxxxs play the usual incompetent endgame mess and it was disgusting. At move 81, the position was K+P (Cougar) vs. K+N. At move 109, the position was K+P (Cougar) vs. K+N. The calculations were so absurd, two retarded apes could have played better. Repulsive.

Date "Nov 20, 2015"]
[White "Cougar"]
[Black "MC"]
[Result "1/2-1/2"]

1. e4 c6 2. d4 d5 3. Nc3 g6 4. exd5 cxd5 5. Bb5+ Nc6 6. Nf3 Bg7 7. O-O Bg4 8.
h3 Bh5 9. g4 h6 10. gxh5 g5 11. Ne5 Bxe5 12. dxe5 a6 13. Ba4 e6 14. Qe2 b5 15.
Bb3 Nd4 16. Qd3 Nxb3 17. axb3 Ne7 18. Bd2 Nc6 19. Qe3 Qb8 20. Rfe1 Rg8 21. Re2
Qb7 22. Nd1 Rc8 23. Bc3 Ne7 24. Qf3 b4 25. Be1 Nc6 26. Qd3 Rh8 27. f3 a5 28.
Bg3 Rd8 29. Ne3 Qb6 30. Rd2 Qc7 31. Qb5 f5 32. Bh2 Rh7 33. Rd3 Re7 34. Ra2 Kf8
35. Qc5 Rc8 36. Qd6 f4 37. Ng4 Qb6+ 38. Kg2 Rd8 39. Bg1 Qb7 40. Qc5 Kg7 41. h4
gxh4 42. Qf2 Rf7 43. Qxh4 Qc7 44. Bc5 Rf5 45. c4 Rg5 46. Bd6 Qf7 47. cxd5 exd5
48. Rd2 Qf5 49. Qe1 Rxg4+ 50. fxg4 Qxg4+ 51. Kh1 Qxh5+ 52. Rh2 Qf3+ 53. Rg2+
Kh7 54. Qb1+ Qe4 55. Qxe4+ dxe4 56. Rc2 Nd4 57. Rc4 Nf5 58. Rxa5 Kg6 59. Bxb4
Rd1+ 60. Kh2 f3 61. Bc5 Rd2+ 62. Kh3 Rg2 63. Bf2 Rxf2 64. Rxe4 Rg2 65. Rg4+
Rxg4 66. Kxg4 f2 67. Ra6+ Kg7 68. Ra7+ Kg6 69. Ra6+ Kg7 70. Ra7+ Kf8 71. Ra1
Ne3+ 72. Kh5 Kf7 73. Kxh6 Ke6 74. b4 f1=Q 75. Rxf1 Nxf1 76. Kg5 Kxe5 77. Kg4
Ne3+ 78. Kg3 Kd6 79. b5 Kc5 80. b6 Kxb6 81. Kf4 Nd5+ 82. Ke4 Nb4 83. Kd4 Kb5
84. Kc3 Kc5 85. Kb3 Nd5 86. Ka3 Kb5 87. Kb3 Nb6 88. Ka3 Nd7 89. Kb3 Nf6 90. Kc3
Nh7 91. Kb3 Ng5 92. Kc3 Nh3 93. Kb3 Nf4 94. Kc3 Ne2+ 95. Kd3 Nc1+ 96. Kc2 Na2
97. Kd3 Kb4 98. Kc2 Kc4 99. Kd2 Nb4 100. Kc1 Kd3 101. Kd1 Ke3 102. Kc1 Ke2 103.
b3 Ke1 104. Kb2 Kd2 105. Kb1 Ke3 106. Kb2 Kd4 107. Ka3 Nd5 108. Kb2 Kc5 109.
Kc1 Nb4 1/2-1/2
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