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Rybka in CCT6

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Harvey Williamson
Site Admin

Joined: 29 Jul 2007
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Full Name: Harvey Williamson
Location: Media City, UK

PostPosted: Thu Aug 20, 2009 8:54 pm    Post subject: Rybka in CCT6 Reply with quote

I came across this today it made me laugh. Rybka a few years ago http://www.vrichey.de/cct6/index_table.htm

Cross Table

No Name Feder Rtg 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

1. Hiarcs, 2812 28:W 16:W 10:L 20:D 34:W 13:W 15:W 9:W 3:D
2. Junior, 2701 29:D 7:W 14:W 5:L 38:W 19:W 16:W 3:D 9:D
3. Crafty, 2607 30:W 20:W 12:W 10:D 8:W 9:W 21:D 2:D 1:D
4. Rebel 12, 2600 31:W 19:W 9:L 21:L 33:W 25:W 5:L 7:W 40:L
5. Ruffian, 2595 32:W 22:D 34:W 2:W 9:L 20:W 4:W 21:W 10:L
6. Quark, 2586 33:W 21:D 15:D 19:L 36:W 31:L 26:W 24:W 14:L
7. Arasan, 2557 34:L 2:L 48:W 36:L 45:W 39:W 32:W 4:L 31:W
8. Searcher, 2532 35:W 23:W 13:W 9:L 3:L 40:D 38:W 10:L 16:W
9. Yace, 2531 36:W 26:W 4:W 8:W 5:W 3:L 10:D 1:L 2:D
10. Zappa, 2530 37:W 27:W 1:W 3:D 21:L 11:W 9:D 8:W 5:W
11. Falcon, 2500 38:W 34:D 22:D 40:W 19:D 10:L 23:L 28:W 51:L
12. Pepito, 2500 39:W 45:W 3:L 23:L 37:D 51:L 33:D 35:W 36:W
13. Green Light Chess, 2495 40:W 44:W 8:L 22:W 23:W 1:L 51:D 20:L 26:W
14. Comet B68, 2489 41:W 51:W 2:L 29:D 15:L 37:W 31:D 25:W 6:W
15. King of Kings, 2479 42:W 52:D 6:D 38:D 14:W 22:W 1:L 51:W 23:W
16. Post Modernist, 2471 43:W 1:L 33:W 51:W 31:W 21:D 2:L 40:D 8:L
17. Chezzz, 2468 44:L 40:L 54:W 42:L 46:W 38:L 45:W 34:D 28:W
18. Ikarus, 2466 45:L 29:D 43:W 39:D 40:L 36:L 41:L : :
19. The Baron, 2465 46:W 4:L 32:W 6:W 11:D 2:L 40:L 27:W 29:L
20. Pharaon, 2450 47:W 3:L 37:W 1:D 29:W 5:L 42:W 13:W 21:D
21. Thinker 4.5a, 2450 48:W 6:D 52:W 4:W 10:W 16:D 3:D 5:L 20:D
22. WildCat, 2425 49:W 5:D 11:D 13:L 39:W 15:L 27:D 29:L 37:W
23. XiniX, 2420 50:W 8:L 36:W 12:W 13:L 42:D 11:W 31:W 15:L
24. OliThink, 2400 51:L 39:L 47:W 35:W 42:L 41:W 36:W 6:L 33:L
25. BlackBishop, 2400 52:L 42:W 38:L 44:W 50:W 4:L 34:W 14:L 32:W
26. SpiderChess, 2396 53:W 9:L 39:D 31:L 52:W 29:W 6:L 38:W 13:L
27. Frenzee, 2380 54:W 10:L 40:L 45:D 28:W 34:D 22:D 19:L 38:L
28. Djinn, 2378 1:L 41:D 51:L 47:W 27:L 44:W 37:W 11:L 17:L
29. Movei, 2367 2:D 18:D 44:W 14:D 20:L 26:L 50:W 22:W 19:W
30. messchess, 2367 3:L 43:D 35:D 37:L 41:L 52:W 47:W 36:L 46:L
31. Amateur, 2361 4:L 46:W 45:W 26:W 16:L 6:W 14:D 23:L 7:L
32. Averno, 2354 5:L 47:W 19:L 41:W 51:L 49:W 7:L 42:W 25:L
33. Bodo, 2351 6:L 48:W 16:L 46:W 4:L 50:D 12:D 39:W 24:W
34. Butcher, 2337 7:W 11:D 5:L 52:W 1:L 27:D 25:L 17:D 42:L
35. Dorky 4.0, 2324 8:L 50:D 30:D 24:L 44:D 45:D 46:W 12:L 43:W
36. Chepla, 2323 9:L 49:W 23:L 7:W 6:L 18:W 24:L 30:W 12:L
37. Hossa, 2317 10:L 54:W 20:L 30:W 12:D 14:L 28:L 50:W 22:L
38. Amyan, 2292 11:L 53:W 25:W 15:D 2:L 17:W 8:L 26:L 27:W
39. Alarm, 2290 12:L 24:W 26:D 18:D 22:L 7:L 49:W 33:L 52:L
40. Bringer 1.9, 2283 13:L 17:W 27:W 11:L 18:W 8:D 19:W 16:D 4:W
41. Chompster, 2274 14:L 28:D 50:D 32:L 30:W 24:L 18:L : :
42. Tao 5.6, 2274 15:L 25:L 49:W 17:W 24:W 23:D 20:L 32:L 34:W
43. Tinker, 2232 16:L 30:D 18:L 50:L 53:D 46:L 54:W 47:W 35:L
44. Rascal, 2225 17:W 13:L 29:L 25:L 35:D 28:L 53:W 52:D 49:W
45. Nullmover, 2213 18:W 12:L 31:L 27:D 7:L 35:D 17:L 49:L 53:D
46. Chiron, 2200 19:L 31:L 53:W 33:L 17:L 43:W 35:L 48:W 30:W
47. SEE, 2196 20:L 32:L 24:L 28:L 54:W 53:W 30:L 43:L 48:D
48. Noonian Chess, 2128 21:L 33:L 7:L 53:D 49:L 54:W 52:L 46:L 47:D
49. 31337/Celes, 2127 22:L 36:L 42:L 54:W 48:W 32:L 39:L 45:W 44:L
50. Cheetah, 2104 23:L 35:D 41:D 43:W 25:L 33:D 29:L 37:L 54:W
51. Jonny 2.54, 2075 24:W 14:L 28:W 16:L 32:W 12:W 13:D 15:L 11:W
52. MatadorX, 2000 25:W 15:D 21:L 34:L 26:L 30:L 48:W 44:D 39:W
53. Rybka, 2000 26:L 38:L 46:L 48:D 43:D 47:L 44:L 54:W 45:D
54. Tohno, 1800 27:L 37:L 17:L 49:L 47:L 48:L 43:L 53:L 50:L
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Ted Summers

Joined: 31 Jul 2007
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Location: Marietta, GA

PostPosted: Mon Mar 07, 2011 5:53 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Here were the Rybka games from back then:

"Good decisions come from experience, and experience come from bad decisions."
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